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A recent newsletter from the Author’s Guild pointed me toward a fascinating infographic by Brendan Brown entitled “Which Country Reads the Most?” The article was full of fun facts, including many surprises for me. Here, for example, are a few particulars about books and publishing around the world:

  • The five countries that read the most are India, Thailand, China, the Philippines, and Egypt. India tops the list with the average person reading 10.7 hours per week. The USA is far down the list at 5.7 hours per week, well below the global average of 6.5 hours per week.
  • The five bestselling books worldwide are Don Quixote (500 million copies!), Xinhua Zidian (400 million), A Tale of Two Cities (200 million), The Lord of the Rings (150 million), and Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone (107 million).
  • Four-fifths (80%) of Britons had read a book in the last year, putting them ahead of the Germans (79%), the French (73%), and far ahead of the Italians (56%).
  • Book publishing is the largest media and entertainment industry, with an estimated total value of $151 billion per year. Film and entertainment are second at $133 billion. Music is at $50 billion.

And here are a few things I didn’t know about books, publishing, and readers in the USA:

  • The United States makes up 30% of the global publishing market. China is second at 10%, followed by Germany (9%) and Japan (7%).
  • 27% of US adults didn’t read a single book in the last 12 months. The American average is 12 books per year.
  • Nearly 40% of Americans read print books exclusively. Just 6% read digital-only books.
  • The number of ebook readers in the US is expected to stagnate at 90 million within the next five years.

In footnotes to the infographic, Brown cites a long list of sources for this information, including The Guardian, the Smithsonian, and USA Today. The sources seem credible to me.

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