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A hilarious tale of Colonial America by two history professors

The “blindspot” of this delightful satirical novel of Colonial America was slavery — the ever-present reality underlying the colonists’ increasing distaste for domination by the British King. That blind spot figures in a prominent way in the unfolding of this humorous story. Couched in the language and style of the 18th Century, Blindspot is subtitled […]

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Michael Edwards in “Small Change”: why business won’t save the world

Small Change should be required reading for every foundation board member and program officer, every major donor — in fact, philanthropists of any description. In this tiny volume, Michael Edwards lays bare the fatal flaws in the philanthropic world in America today and offers a prescription for healing the field that could play a major […]

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Pre-Columbian civilization in the Amazon

You may not have heard of Colonel Percy Fawcett, but it’s entirely possible your grandchildren will come to think of him in the company of Henry Stanley, David Livingstone, Heinrich Schliemann, Howard Carter, and Hiram Bingham. Fawcett, an eccentric Englishman with nearly superhuman survival skills, was the most famous explorer of the early 20th Century. […]

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Lisbeth Salander stars again in an engrossing murder mystery

You have never met anyone like Lisbeth Salander, the “girl” in the title — guaranteed. Lisbeth is a tattooed, waif-like young woman with a brain of gargantuan proportions, an eidetic memory, an unsurpassed mastery of the Internet, and a mysterious past. In this unlikely but engrossing story of murder and corruption in the dark corners […]

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A murder mystery unfolds against the backdrop of the antiques trade

Detective Inspector Gemma James and her former partner and current lover, Superintendent Duncan Kincaid, make the big move into a home together in the eighth book in Deborah Crombie’s excellent murder mystery series chronicling their rise through the ranks in the Metropolitan Police. The plot of And Justice There is None is fully as complex […]

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