Cover image of "The Travelers" by Chris Pavone, a clever spy story

In his third novel, The Travelers, Chris Pavone weaves a tale so baffling that you’re likely to be shocked again and again as the truth at the heart of the story gradually floats to the surface. Once again, as in his previous books, Pavone’s subject matter is espionage. The scene shifts rapidly and frequently from New York City to Mendoza, Argentina, Falls Church, Virginia, Paris, Capri, Istanbul, and other spots around the globe, including the Spanish Pyrenees and rural Iceland. The suspense is intoxicating.

Will Rhodes writes about food for a 70-year-old New York-based business that operates a high-end travel magazine and a bespoke travel agency under the name Travelers. When he started at the company three years earlier, his wife Chloe left her job there because she thought their marriage would suffer if they both worked at the same place. She now works freelance. Will is deeply in love with her and committed to the marriage, but the allure of a strikingly beautiful and seductive woman he meets on the road is irresistible. However, shortly after the two fall into bed together he learns that she isn’t who she said she was. (Yes, we saw this one coming.)

The Travelers by Chris Pavone ★★★★★

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