Fractured State is a fast-moving military thriller.

For many years, optimistic activists primarily in Northern California have fantasized about California seceding from the United States. The latest iteration of this movement is the Yes California Independence Campaign, which is preparing a statewide referendum for a future election. Given that California’s economy is the fifth largest in the world, and the state has a population of forty million, it’s not an outrageous suggestion. However, the movement has always been widely viewed as marginal. Some 70 percent of the California public opposes the idea, according to a recent poll from Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies. But this hasn’t stopped thriller author Steven Konkoly from concocting Fractured State, a wild tale about a robust and violent California independence campaign set in the early 2030s.

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A fast-moving military thriller

Fractured State falls into the category of military science fiction, and it shows on nearly every page. If details about high-tech weapons, survivalist conspiracy theories, and military procedures rock your boat, you may love this book. It’s best characterized as a fast-moving military thriller. There’s a lot of fighting. A lot. And, truth to tell, the story is exciting. It’s exciting, that is, until the very end. There it falls flat. Fractured State is the first book in a series, and Konkoly leaves the story hanging to compel readers to its successor, Rogue State. I do not plan to read the book.

Fractured State by Steven Konkoly (2016) 402 pages ★★★☆☆

About the author

Steven Konkoly is a 1993 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He served on active duty in the Navy and Marine Corps for eight years in assignments all around the globe. He’s the author of at least twenty books, including four series of military thrillers.

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