Judgment is Joseph Finder's new novel, a courtroom drama.

Juliana Brody is living the good life. She’s “in her early forties, but as her mother liked to say immodestly, she had good genes.” She’s a respected judge on the Superior Court in Boston, and happily married with two teenage children. And she’s touted to be in contention for Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. But then the whole painstakingly constructed edifice of her life begins to crack. Joseph Finder’s tension-filled new novel, Judgment, tells the tale.

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Joseph Finder’s new novel is a suspenseful courtroom drama

A casual fling at a conference in Chicago with an Argentine lawyer somehow leads to complications in an important case she’s trying back home in Boston. Rachel Meyers v. Wheelz seems to be a simple if high-profile case: “a young woman was suing a hot, new ride-hailing startup in Boston for sex discrimination.” But it soon becomes clear that the case is anything but simple when the Argentine lawyer shows up at the defense table in her courtroom. In increasingly unsubtle ways, the defense pressures her to rule in their favor. And now Juliana’s indiscretion threatens her independence on the bench and her marriage. Clearly, there is something much more consequential than sex discrimination in the picture.

Judgment by Joseph Finder (2019) 399 pages ★★★★☆

About the author

Joseph Finder‘s career as an author began in 1983 with the publication of a controversial nonfiction book, Red Carpet: The Connection Between the Kremlin and America’s Most Powerful Businessmen. In that book, Finder identified the wealthy and powerful American oilman, Armand Hammer, as a KGB agent. His first novel, The Moscow Club, was published eight years later, in 1991. It was the first of his seventeen thrillers, several of which have been bestsellers and won awards. He lives with his wife and daughter in Boston.

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