The Number 1 Ladies Detective goes into politics.

Precious Ramotswe, Botswana‘s #1 Ladies Detective, is respected throughout the capital city of Gaborone. She’s a problem-solver, and very good at it. So it’s no surprise that friends would turn to her to run for a vacant seat on the city council. The only candidate registered to run is their nemesis, a conniving and dishonest young woman who preys on men. And they’re all concerned about a proposal to build a new luxury hotel next door to a graveyard. After all, the noise from the parties held there every night will disturb all their “late” friends and relatives. Naturally, Precious is unhappy about the idea, to put it mildly. Inevitably, then, the Number 1 Ladies Detective will go into politics.

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Meanwhile, an old man from Precious’ past has come to her for help. He’s a doctor she adored as a child. He was badly injured by a hit-and-run driver when crossing the road. And now, months later, the doctor and his attentive daughter want the #1 Ladies Detective to track down the driver. Which, of course, she can’t refuse to do. Unfortunately, neither the doctor, his daughter, Precious, or her colleagues can figure out how to start the investigation. Until the feckless young apprentice mechanic who works part-time for the agency comes up with an idea.

The Colors of All the Cattle (#1 Ladies Detective Agency #19) by Alexander McCall Smith (2018) 241 pages ★★★★☆

The Number 1 Ladies Detective goes into politics

In The Colors of All the Cattle, the 19th entry in Alexander McCall Smith‘s charming series, the election campaign and the hunt for the hit-and-run driver move forward in tandem. From reading the earlier books in the series, we know perfectly well that the #1 Ladies Detective will get her man. But we don’t know how that election campaign will turn out. That’s the bigger mystery. And it’s a big deal when the country’s Number 1 Ladies Detective goes into politics. We’ll have a lot of fun learning what happened.

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