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What we’ve got here is much more than a failure to communicate. In fact, the bad guys in this suspenseful novel make their intentions all too clear. It’s the consequences of their actions — the damage highlighted in the title—that form the emotional heart of this well-told crime story.

In Damage, Abe Glitsky, head of San Francisco homicide, confronts the awesome power of one of the city’s wealthiest and most prominent families and the evil of their psychopathic son. While everything turns out just fine in the end (of course!), with Glitsky winning the day, the damage created along the way has made it clear that a crime is not an isolated act but just one pivotal point in a long chain of events.

The 21st of San Francisco author John Lescroart‘s crime novels, Damage features homicide lieutenant Abe Glitsky, familiar to readers of the many well-told crime stories featuring Dismas Hardy that dominate the author’s body of work.

Damage (Abe Glitsky #3) by John Lescroart ★★★★☆

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