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The 10 top espionage novels reviewed on this site

Over the past ten years, I’ve read and reviewed more than 100 espionage novels (not counting a great many more I never finished). My 10 favorites are listed immediately below. Though my preliminary list included multiple titles by several of the authors included here, I’ve arbitrarily limited myself to a single title from every writer. […]

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3 years ago

Top 10 mystery and thriller series

Unless you’re a devoted fan of the genre, you may be unaware of the sheer number of mystery and thriller series. I stumble across a new one about every month or two. Over the past ten years, I’ve read (or at least started reading) nearly 100 such series. More than four dozen of them belong […]

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4 years ago

30 good nonfiction books about espionage

For good or ill, a fair amount of what I’ve learned about espionage over the years has come from reading spy stories. A few authors are particularly diligent about research and accuracy, so most of what I’ve picked up is probably true. In fact, many of those authors are veterans of the intelligence game and […]

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