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fundraising - raising $1000 gifts by mail by Mal WarwickFor more than 30 years, I was actively involved in raising money for nonprofit organizations and progressive political candidates and committees. I founded my first company, Mal Warwick & Associates, in 1979 and remained active until 2010. Along the way, I founded or cofounded several other small companies involved in raising money for similar clients. I wrote more than a dozen books about fundraising, including several bestsellers, and taught fundraising to nonprofit executives in more than 100 countries.

In 2014, my colleagues and I merged Mal Warwick & Associates with one of my other companies, Donordigital. The merged firm is known as Mal Warwick Donordigital (MWD). I remain as chair of the board of directors. The company, a B Corporation and a California Benefit Corporation, is now employee-owned.

I recognize that some of these articles may seem a little dated. However, I believe that nearly all of them remain relevant today. Many things don’t change in fundraising and the nonprofit sector.

You can also find on this site information about a number of the books I’ve written about raising money for nonprofit organizations. Some are general in nature, others specific to direct response methodologies. Several have been republished in new editions in recent years. Simply click on My Books.

For links to my articles about business and other topics, go here.

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