Mickey Haller novel: The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Since 1992, Los Angeles crime novelist has been coming out with one, and occasionally two, novels per year. With only a few exceptions, his protagonists have been drawn from a shifting and intersecting cast of characters in the LAPD, the Los Angeles legal community, and the FBI.

In Michael Connelly‘s latest novel, The Reversal, defense attorney Mickey Haller is in the spotlight, with his half-brother, Harry Bosch, a veteran homicide inspector, and Haller’s ex-wife, Maggie McPherson (“Maggie McFierce”), in key supporting roles. The trio takes on the prosecution of a child-killer convicted in 1986 and just released from prison on an appeal based on newly reviewed DNA evidence.

This Mickey Haller novel is brilliantly plotted

The Reversal is brilliantly plotted, with suspense building from the first page to the last. The basic elements of the story are told in the first person from Haller’s voice, the rest in the third person from Bosch’s perspective. It’s a masterful job — another superb piece of work from one of the genre’s proven masters.

The Reversal (Mickey Haller #3) by Michael Connelly ★★★★☆

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